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Hodgdon H335 Smokeless Gun Powder

4.98 out of 5 based on 48 customer ratings
48 Review(s)


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Product Overview

Hodgdon H335 Powder offers the largest selection of quality smokeless propellants for any reloading application.

Hodgdon H335 originated as a military powder, used for the 5.56 NATO, or 223 Remington as handloaders know it. Obviously, it sees endless use in the 222 Remington, 223 Remington and other small cartridges. In particular, prairie dog shooters will find this a favorite small rifle powder.

Warning About Smokeless Powder:

  • Do not exceed the loads displayed in the reloaders guide.
  • Never mix any two powders regardless of type, brand, or source.
  • Never substitute any smokeless powder for Black Powder or any Black Powder substitute.

MORE information About Hodgdon H335 Smokeless Gun Powder

 WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm – www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.
Smokeless Powder, Black Powder, Primers, and Fuses ship from our warehouse with other products. This ensures no more than one Shipping Charge and one HazMat Charge per order (unless you also order products that Ship Separately from MidwayUSA or our Suppliers). Each order is limited to no more than 25 pounds of Black Powder, and no more than 66 pounds each of Smokeless Powder, Primers, or Fuse. Smokeless Powder, Black Powder, Primers, and Fuses are considered hazardous materials, incur HazMat Charges, and can only ship ground freight within the continental U.S. Due to safety considerations and legal/regulatory reasons, Smokeless Powder, Black Powder, Primers, and Fuses cannot be returned.

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1 pound, 8 pound

48 reviews for Hodgdon H335 Smokeless Gun Powder

  1. clientservice

    Rifle reloading

  2. clientservice

    This is absolutely the best powder I have found for pushing 55 grain projectiles from .223 Rem. cartridges!

  3. clientservice

    Use for 223 and get great groups with this powder!

  4. clientservice

    Hav not used it…No primers!!

  5. clientservice

    Good product

  6. clientservice

    Great powder for reloading 6.5 Grendel…

  7. clientservice

    One of the first powders I bought 15 yrs ago for loading for .308, 30-06 (Garand loads) and 8mm Mauser. Now I am loading for .223/5.56. 24 grains and either a 55 or 62 g soft point is a great load that wont burn your barrel out. Very consistent. Hope Midway has some more soon. Good pricing and fast delivery.

  8. clientservice

    I bought this for a friend. He does all his own reloading, and reloads for me as well. We both save, and chip in for materials. It’s really a win, win.

  9. clientservice

    I got this specifically because “everyone” on the Internet recommends this for .223 tracer rounds. Sure enough, it works great for that. All my “pulled”, surplus tracers lit off with this powder. It is a small, dense “ball” powder, so you can pack a lot of grains into a case and still have room for long bullets (like the .223 tracers). I can easily fit about 5 grains more of this into my .223 cases than my regular IMR 4895. And it meters so much better than any stick powder. I may end up using this for all my .223 rounds.

  10. clientservice

    This performs as expected in my 55gr loads. It provides great accuracy, smokin hot velocity and what I consider to be acceptable SD out of my 16″ 1-8 twist 5.56 barrel. It totally surprised me with 77gr Sierra matchking though. I figured it has the wrong burn rate for a heavy round. Long story short lymans max listed charge with the 77gr matchking shoots AMAZING!!! Velocity wasn’t even as low as I expected coming in at 2500 and some change. Accuracy though….. WOW. All holes touching at 100yds. So accurate in fact I thought I got lucky and had to shoot two more groups to be sure.

  11. clientservice

    Pros, good powder for various calibers, loads easy, consistent powder. Cons, none. CONCLUSION, Guns Valley does a good job of having products in stock and notifications of restock when you sign up to be notified.

  12. clientservice

    My go to powder for smooth consistant reloading ! I load for .30 30, 7mm08, .3006 and .223 (5.56 mm). Very accurate loads.

  13. clientservice

    Perfect for loading 223, haven’t tried it on 308 yet but maybe soon, only drawback is flakes are so small they leak out of my powder charger.

  14. clientservice

    I use this product to reload .223. It is very good quality, easy to work with and gives me consistent loads.

  15. clientservice

    First, let me say that I often remind new shooters that the objective is not to be the first one to hit the target but to have the most accuracy as demonstrated by the smallest groups. I also load for a variety of uses so I like a wide selection of powders to match to each individual need. If I’m teaching one of the children how to shoot I use the starting load, as the purpose is to get comfortable with the rifle and learn safety and trigger control. We’re shooting at 100 yards so velocity isn’t a larger factor. If we’re shooting maintenance to keep our skills up, particularly with a 223/5.56, we’ll shoot multiple targets but rarely more that 300 yards. For these applications Hodgdon’s H335 is the perfect choice because it produces repeatable performance while easy on the brass with less powder charge saving money. If I’m shooting long range then I’ll go to Varget, CFE223 or H4895 depending on the caliber.

  16. clientservice

    I reload of course and in the course of working on 223 loads decided to try this . First trip out I got my best results yet . I am getting three round touching groups at 100 yds . Just loaded another batch yesterday

  17. clientservice

    H335 ifs my go to powder for mid weight bullets in 223 and 308. Loaded and fired it for a few years. I expect sub MOA groups everytime.

  18. clientservice

    L.C. brass and 69 gr. Sierra , very good combo for 1-9 to 1-7 twist.

  19. clientservice

    I really like hodgins h335 powder it is my favorite choice to load my 223 rounds with. It seems to meter well for me and the accuracy is very good.

  20. clientservice

    Super results for 223 and 22-250 loads. Measures through powder measure (Dillon) with ease. Comparable to Win 748.

  21. clientservice

    This is my standard powder for .223 reloading. 25 grains gets me great consistency, minimal to no fouling, and very moderate pressures, providing about 2900 FPS and still a nice safety margin in case I get a slightly heavy throw. CFE 223 is pretty good too but H335 is about the same or a little better and is a bit cheaper. I can easily get 1 inch groups at 100 yards and thats with the cheap bullets.

  22. clientservice

    I use H 335 because 1) 4895 is also a very good powder, I have used it for many years. 2) I now use H 335 , it cost less the 4895 3) I use H 335 on my 7.62×51 (.308), 7.62×63(30-06) and my 5.5/6×45 (.223/5.56). 4) Spherical powder using the RCBS powder drop metering is very consistent.

  23. clientservice

    I’ve used this powder for years in small rifle- 5.56 and 6.5 Grendel. Ball powder measures best from powder measure and the case is full so no empty space. Clean burning and best accuracy compared to IMR and Accurate.

  24. clientservice

    I use this powder for my 223 ammo. It measures extremely well and burns clean.

  25. clientservice

    I like everything about it. Great powder.

  26. clientservice

    BEEN USING H335 SINCE 1973

  27. clientservice

    Great powder 👍👍👍

  28. clientservice

    I absolutely love Hodgdon’s H-335! I have been using it for years in the caliber it was designed for, 223/5.56 and loaded many,many rounds with it. I use it in several AR’s with great success. It burns clean and works the actions very well with no short stroking with proper loads.I also use adjustable gas blocks on all my guns and builds.I have a load for my long range,heavy 20 inch barreled Bushmaster that consistently groups from 1/4 – 3/4 inch groups as long as I do my part. Just bought another 8 pound keg on top of the several 1 pound cans already stored. I hope it works as well in the 6.8 SPC I just built with 24 inch extra heavy ,fluted,stainless barrel! We’ll see.

  29. clientservice

    Very easy to use. Very versatile can load 223. 308 and lighter 45 70 rounds.

  30. clientservice

    I use this for loading my 223 and it meters so well i didnt have to use the powder trickle one time in 300 rounds.

  31. clientservice

    I have used this powder for over 35 years in 223, 308, 7TCU, 30BR, 30-30, 30 Herrett, and a few others. It has performed with benchrest accuracy and brought home mest too. Really love the stuff and keep plenty on hand.

  32. clientservice

    I am a true believer and constant user of this product

  33. clientservice

    Great all purpose powder, original use for 5.56 and .223 rem. Great use for 30-30 WIN and 45-70 GOVT. 1lbs of H335 usually gets me about 40-50 rounds of 45-70 GOVT, at 63-65 grains of powder. (Mind you, it’s. 300GR HP jacketed round).

  34. clientservice

    best powder for 223/556 ammo for me

  35. clientservice

    Great powder. Consistent through powder measure and at the range

  36. clientservice

    Hodgdon 335 pushes all weights of bullets from 50gr to 80gr in 5.56×45 NATO. It is clean, and I have yet to have issues with extraction. Highly recommended for this cartridge.

  37. clientservice

    I love this stuff, it meters FANTASTIC in my powder droppers 100% accurate within 0.01gr. Each drop. I dont know what people are talking about flash? Or over pressure? And i run a break! It showes me consistent velocity and no signs of over pressure. Of course i dont compress loads or need to have MAXIMUM velocity out of a .223 and you will see that the max or compressed loads in most rifles will open your group’s up. My rifle loves 2500fps with my cast, P.C. loads. And this medium burning powder is excelent for that.

    Great powder

  38. clientservice

    Works great in my .223

  39. clientservice

    Great powder!!

  40. clientservice

    Excellent service fast delivery

  41. clientservice

    This powder flows well into small diameter (particularly 22 cal) necks. It measures consistently. It flows well through a kitchen strainer allowing removal of any trash or clumps (which are rare). Manuals list it for a number of cartridges. And proper charges fill enough of the case to not be compressed when the bullet is inserted, but also to provide fairly uniform burning for consistent velocities. I will use it again for the proper rounds.

  42. clientservice

    I used to say “If I can’t load it with IMR 4350 I didn’t need it.” However, a few years ago my son bought an AR in .223/5.56 and IMR 4350 is just too slow to be useful. So, we settled on this powder (H335) and have had very good success with it in .204 Ruger and .223 Rem. Looking to try it in a couple of medium capacity catridges

  43. clientservice

    I have used this powder in my 30-06, .223 Remington, .243 Winchester, and 250 Savage reloads and gotten good accuracy results. This is a ball powder that flows and meters easily and consistently from the powder measure, from charge to charge. It is not as expensive as some other powders and is fairly clean burning.

  44. clientservice

    I have been happy with the performance in my AR15 with this powder. I haven’t noticed any accuracy hit when using it. The powder meters very well from my Dillon press powder measurer. No complaints.

  45. clientservice

    I have been hand loading for 40+ years and have been loading .223, .222, .308, & 30-06 with H335. I’m careful about pressures, I’ve never noticed excessive “flash”, and it meters great in my Lee Perfect Powder measure. Lots of new powders on the market since the early 70s, but I’ve never encountered a reason to NOT use H335 in the above listed calibers.

  46. clientservice

    I get a kick out of review writers making absolute statements of disgust or praise about reloading components. Knowing how fickle each and every rifle is there is no such thing as an absolute best or worst statement about any reloading component given the firearm and its characteristics, the component and most importantly the guy or gal putting it all together. That being said and having loaded many 223 rifles with this powder, for me at least, this powder has given the most consistanct performance, velocity per grain of weight of powder and years of consistant performance by the manufacturer. If you shoot a .223 Remington I predict this powder will more than likely do everything you expect a powder to do in your favorite firearms where this powder and its burn rate is useful. If it doesn’t please don’t make a statement like, “this powder is terrible just because it does not work the best in yours. Remember that in your next 223 load in a different rifle this powder could be the best powder in the universe.

  47. clientservice

    I use H335 with several bullets in my Mosin/Nagant reloads and LOVE it. I know this powder is typically recommended for smaller calibers (.223 etc) but please know that it works well in the big-boy brass also. I always find ball powder a nuisance to work with v extruded, but I just can’t argue with the results. I H335 under a Woodleigh 174g .312 bullet in 7,62 x 54R and easily cover a dime @ 100yds in a 5-shot group. This is a heavy-game load bullet…probably too much for whitetail….but it outperforms almost anyting in .311 calibre

  48. clientservice

    I shoot 223 for fun and also off the bench for informal 100 yard target. I have several rifles and load all my own ammo. I have tried dozens of bullets and several powders. This powder reduced my group size by half, regardless of the bullet I used. I never really gave powder type much weight in the accuracy formula and always thought, seating depth, bullet brand / type and load consistency were the most important elements – This really opened my wyes!

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