Four observations from Bayern Munich’s rousing 4-0 victory over Werder Bremen

The 60th Bundesliga season has kicked off with a dominant display from the new-look record champions.  

Twelve straight titles? Let’s not speak too soon. But after a preseason of some tumult and uncertainty, the Bavarians look like they haven’t missed a beat.

Not five minutes had passed before Bayern’s new striker got on the scoresheet — and it wasn’t even the first flash of danger from the former Tottenham man.

By fifteen minutes, Kane had slipped another clever little ball through. Inside the box, flashing into the danger area in front of goal, Jamal Musiala held up just enough to prevent a tap-in.

It won’t be lost on Bayern fans that the scoreline hung at a tense 1-0 for an uncomfortable time — and that their prized new striker wasn’t getting a whole lot of service.  

A thought that should worry fans of other Bundesliga teams: it’s just a matter of gelling together.

After all, Kane hasn’t been here for ages. These moments will surely get cleaned up as teammates learn better what to expect from his passes as well as his movement off the ball.

Bayern really looked so, so close. Smooth circulation around the box resulted in numerous good chances from distance. 

Naturally, Bayern’s focus this season will not only be on a 12th straight Bundesliga title, but on a reclamation of Champions League glory. 

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