Indian-American US Presidential Candidate On How He "Will End Ukraine War"

He further argued that Russian President Vladimir Putin must exit his military alliance with China to end the conflict. 

Notably, Vivek Ramaswamy, a biotech entrepreneur, is set to contest against Donald Trump in Republican primaries for US presidential polls. 

"I will end the Ukraine War on terms that require Putin to exit his military alliance with China. 

The goal shouldn't be for Russia to "lose." It should be for the U.S. to win.", Mr Ramaswamy said on X (formerly Twitter). 

The US lawmaker added that the focus should not be for "Putin to lose" but for "America to win".

"The Biden administration is so stubbornly attached to the idea of getting Xi Jinping to drop Vladimir Putin.  

What I think, we need to be doing is get Vladimir Putin to drop Xi Jinping. Just like Nixon went to China in 1972. 

He further stated that US engagements with Ukraine are driving Russia into "Chinese arms".

"The Russia-China military alliance is the single-biggest military threat that we face today. 

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