Rich Men North of Richmond: The hit song that has divided the US

In the culture wars that continue to divide US politics, the right wing may have found its latest hero in Oliver Anthony, whether he likes it or not. 

In the roughly produced video, Anthony, a burly guy with a big red beard and a guitar, stands in a wooded area, looking and sounding like an everyday blue-collar worker.  

Among others, Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene called the song "the anthem of the forgotten Americans".  

Kari Lake, the Trump-backed Republican who ran for governor of Arizona, said it was "the anthem of this moment in American history".  

Whatever the genuine musical appeal of Anthony's song, it broke into the news and the culture in part because of its strong political message.  

However, in a video posted the day before Rich Men dropped, Anthony said: "I sit pretty dead centre on politics". 

Since the viral success of his track, he has not been giving interviews and did not respond to a request from BBC Culture for comment. 

Rich Men North of Richmond is the latest in a series of controversial cultural flashpoints that highlight the ties between pop culture and the strongly divided US political landscape. 

Alejandro Monteverde, the director of Sound of Freedom, has given interviews saying how heartbroken he is at the false QAnon label. 

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