The 10 Best Animated Movies of 2023, So Far

The Super Mario  Bros. Movie

The year’s biggest and most comical IP grab has become a scorching success at the box office, outperforming all other 2023 releases. 

Spider-Man: Across  the Spider-Verse

The film showcases distinct and creatively illustrated universes, displaying its artistic brilliance. 

Black Clover:  Sword of the Wizard King

It’s the first anime movie of the fantasy adventure manga and anime, produced by Pierro, the same studio behind the anime series. 


Pixar’s Elemental ventures into a world where elements like fire, water, plants, air, and rocks possess emotions. 


Nimona, based on ND Stevenson’s comic, emerges as a powerful queer tale about a shape-shifter challenging societal norms. 

Ruby Gillman,  Teenage Kraken

Ruby Gillman, Teenage Kraken stands out as the summer’s finest mermaid film, even though the competition is lacking.  

How Do You Live?  (The Boy and the Heron)

Hayao Miyazaki’s latest film, How Do You Live? surprised the audiences with minimal pre-release information – no trailer or story details, just two images. 

Rally Road Racer

This furry, lighthearted movie follows Zhi, portrayed as a slow loris, guided by Gnash, a humorous and wise goat mechanic with Yiddish flair.  

The Venture Bros: Radiant is the Blood of a Baboon Heart

After two decades, saying goodbye is a challenging task, one that The Venture Bros. embraces with its concluding movie-length finale. 

Detective Conan:  Black Iron Submarine

Detective Conan, the renowned mystery anime series, treats fans to a new anime movie since its TV debut in 1996. 

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