The 10 Best Dwayne Johnson Movies, Ranked

When The Rock first appeared on the big screen, he played a villainous character known as the Scorpion King in The Mummy franchise.

The Rock Redeemed Mathayus In The Scorpion King

2003’s The Rundown starred Dwayne Johnson as a retrieval expert named Beck who dreamed of one day opening up his own kitchen. 

He Played A Humorless Retrieval Expert In The Rundown 

One of Dwayne Johnston’s earliest film roles was Eliot Wilhelm, a hired enforcer working for a corrupt business executive in 2005’s Be Cool

Eliot Wilhelm Was An Enforcer Dreaming Of Fame In Be Cool 

The Rock has made a name for himself in big-budget action-heavy disaster movies over the years.

Johnson Played A Family Man Who Didn’t Quit In Skyscraper 

Disney's movies based on theme park attractions have enjoyed some success over the years. 

Jungle Cruise's Frank Was Comedic And Ready For Action 

2004’s Walking Tall continued the early trend of pairing The Rock with comedic actors like Johnny Knoxville. 

Johnson Cleaned Up his Town In The Walking Tall Remake 

2017’s Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle put a modern video game spin on the 1995 classic. 

He Showed His Range As Jumanji's Dr. Smolder Bravestone 

One of Dwayne Johnson’s most celebrated roles was in 2016’s animated hit, Moana

He Voiced Moana's Demigod Maui And Even Sang In The Role 

2011’s Fast Five was the first entry in the hugely successful Fast & Furious franchise to feature Dwayne Johnston as DDS agent Luke Hobbs. 

The Fast & Furious Franchise Soared With Agent Luke Hobbs 

Dwayne Johnson’s casting as Black Adam predated even the release of Shazam! In the DCEU. 

He Changed The DCU's Hierarchy Of Power As Black Adam 

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