The Best Fights From The Epic 1996 Marvel Vs. DC Crossover (& Who Won)  

Wolverine vs. Lobo

The two violent characters went up against one another in a match-up between two powerful brawlers with pride on the line.

Wonder Woman vs. Storm

In a matchup between a literal God and an Omega Level Mutant, Wonder Woman vs. Storm ended up being one of the most badass fights between heroes.

Superman vs. Hulk

In Metropolis, the Superman of the '90s ran into the Incredible Hulk after the pair worked together to stop Mentallo.

Batman vs. Captain America

Batman and Captain America's fight in the crossover pitted DC's master tactician against Marvel's most notable soldier.

The best of the rest of the fights

The "DC Versus Marvel" crossover featured several more fights. 

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